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About us: Yellowstones

Creators of bobcaat
Hi! We’re Cecilia and Thibault, the creators of bobcaat. We just thought we’d introduce ourselves a little bit! We both work as freelancers, Cecilia in marketing and Thibault in software engineering. A little while ago we decided to merge our skills and create Yellowstones, a start-up that provides productivity tools to freelancers - and bobcaat is our first baby! We are originally from France but are now comfortably settled in London, where we live with our cat Charlie (our very own bobcat!).

We decided to create Yellowstones and dedicate our time and skills to freelancers because an increasing number of professionals are venturing into self-employment. Freelancing is fulfilling on so many levels but it isn’t without risks and some hardships. But we know that by putting their heart into what they love most, freelancers achieve true success: doing what they are passionate about on a daily basis, freedom, personal growth, a new appreciation of what work means.

Our mission

At Yellowstones we embrace and celebrate these changes. We believe that tomorrow will see the rise of self-employment and employee independence. Talented communicators, project managers and engineers, working and thriving at their own pace, in their own environment.

We want to support these professionals so they can focus on what they do best. We want to bring tools and advice at the fairest price. People who seize opportunities, build and contribute to the working world must be encouraged.

We hope bobcaat will help some of you. We hope you will reach out to us with suggestions on how we can make bobcaat better for you. We hope you will trust us to build the best possible social media management tools for your freelance needs.

Introducing bobcaat

bobcaat is our first step towards this. We know firsthand how challenging marketing is, and the world of social media in particular. More and more businesses are promoting themselves online, algorithms often change in mysterious ways, businesses know they need to engage more with their audience but don’t have the time to do so, or know how to go about it.

As a result, freelancers are hired to do the job. But identifying a strategy, creating content, engaging with a community and analysing metrics for a company is a full-time job. And freelancers often have several clients with high standards. So we’ve decided to create bobcaat, a platform that would help freelancers automate some of their tasks so they can spend more time focusing on their true skills: their marketing expertise, their creativity and their humanity.

bobcaat adapts to both your needs as well as your budget, however they may change.